We’re Getting Married! Congrats to Chris and Sarah

May 20th, 2011 by Chris Lahey

Well, at least I am.

The wedding is in the Virgin Islands, and Chris O is coming along to join in the celebration. While our dates of travel differ, we will be out of the game for a bit and we wanted to let our clients, and anyone else interested, know what our availability would be.

Chris O’s Availability

Chris will be leaving on Tuesday the 24th and returning to work on Tuesday the 31st of May.

Chris L’s Availability

I will be leaving on Wednesday the 25th and returning to the States on Saturday, June 4th. However, I will then be spending the next two weeks in Atlanta with my newly married, and infinitely interesting Dr. Sarah McCann Lahey. ;-)

What To Expect In Our Absence

Mac and Sean will still be here holding down the fort, however they will most likely be focusing on current projects and will not have the full capacity to work on any maintenance work or short turn-around jobs. We do apologize for this however, you only get married once… RIGHT!!?

For sales, please be patient with us. We will have an appointment scheduled to speak with you as soon as we return.