Station Four’s creative partner, Chris Olberding, is featured in .net Magazine’s technique section ‘How We Built it’, along with web designer, Sabreena Katz.

You can find the issue on US newsstands in September. Olberding explains in an in-depth interview how Station Four built the new responsive Jacksonville Art Walk website, commissioned by downtown rejuvenation organization Downtown Vision, Inc. Olberding also explains, with the help of designer Sabreena Katz, how to use hand-drawn typography in your designs.

Olberding breaks down the facts concerning and goes into detail concerning concept, process and strategy for the website in detailed QA form.


In an excerpt from the interview, Olberding explains the strategy for mobile devices:

CO: We used the responsive framework Foundation as a starting point. The site has two breakpoints at 1060px and 768px. Using Modernizr, we detect if the user is on a touch-enabled device and use that information to deliver the appropriate navigation and other functional changes. For example, on a desktop browser venue information is displayed in tooltips. However, on touchscreen devices that same information is displayed persistently under each venue title. Just because we took a mobile first approach doesn’t mean we didn’t maximise the experience for desktop users.

Without directly measuring a user’s network speed, we made the assumption that if the user’s device isn’t touch-enabled and has a high resolution, it’s likely going to be desktop or laptop. We then load CSS that pulls in high-fidelity, resource-heavy image filed and activates the processor-intensive animation such as the parallax effects.


Following the featured ‘how we built it’ interview, Olberding and Katz demonstrate how to use hand-drawn typography in your designs step by step.


Station Four is honored to be spotlighted by .net Magazine again and welcomes every opportunity to contribute to this great publication. .net Magazine is the world’s best selling magazine geared towards website designers and developers.

Ashley Durham Ashley Durham

Project Manager at Station Four