Station Four was excited to host September 16th’s Jax UX Meetup discussion at the downtown office focused on Test Driving JavaScript with speaker Paul Elliott.

The discussion centered on the benefits of writing good tests before writing code and included topics such as integration, unit-testing practices and technologies for the front end. Paul’s talk considered the pitfalls of traditional front-end development and why some frequently used technologies can actually make code brittle. As for the takeaway of the evening, developers should consider rethinking ways to approach the front end in order to make it more testable, reliable and maintainable.

Learn More about Paul Elliot:

A refugee from the world of Java enterprise development, Paul is also a veteran Rubyist, developer and consultant. Paul is often recognized from past talks at RubyKaigi and jQuery Conf and frequently hosts the Ruby5 podcast. Additionally, he is the maintainer of Fabrication—an open-source Ruby gem for object generation.

Check out additional pictures of the meetup at Station Four below:


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Ashley Durham Ashley Durham

Project Manager at Station Four