A study reported by MediaPost and conducted by Simmons, a division of Experian Research Services, over the last year concludes that consumers are significantly more engaged in online advertisements than those watched on television.Online Advertising

The study defines 'engagement' through a battery of characteristics participants identified with media such as 'inspirational', 'life enhancing' and ad receptivity.

Though the most significant findings involved ads run during television shows watched online the study also had implications for 'on-site' online ads. On significant finding was the people are more receptive to ads on frequently visited sites.Online Advertising

None of the findings reported by MediaPost are earth-shattering however; studies and surveys showing the shift from tradition to online marketing channels are ubiquitous as are claims of the effectiveness of these online channels.

The more interesting question is, where do these trends lead? That is, what is the future of online advertising?

Are consumers simply inundated and more accustom to ignoring television ads and online advertisement can expect to see a decline in value over time as consumers grow used to it? Or is the increased effectiveness a virtue of the nature of the medium, the interactivity and opportunities for delivering targeted advertisement inherent in the online experience? I don't expect to answer such questions here but the questions are definitely worth discussion and study.

Chris Olberding Chris Olberding

Co-founder and Creative Partner at Station Four