Presenting a guide for meeting marketing challenges in the staffing industry.

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Performance Review: Addressing Marketing Challenges in Recruiting  With a marketplace that is rapidly changing, it becomes more challenging for staffing and recruitment agencies to attract high quality candidates. We wrote this ebook to focus on a few ways staffing agencies can be more competitive in the digital space.

A comprehensive guide

For smarter online marketing for staffing agencies

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    Part One

    Nurturing Candidates: Marketing Automation

    Automate your candidate outreach process while keeping a human touch.

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    Part Two

    Creating More Effective Value Propositions

    Learn how to stand out from the crowd in a commodified marketplace.

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    Part Three

    Structured Schema Data

    Discover how structured data enhances candidate experience and improves your visibility.

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Written by

Ryan Hickey, Chris Olberding, & Aimee Payne 

Station Four’s Marketing team uses their extensive experience in staffing and franchising to build marketing plans based on driving measurable results that are aligned with clients’ goals.

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