Last Saturday evening, the S4 team invited clients, friends, and family to the Jacksonville Public Library’s beautiful outdoor atrium to celebrate 10 years in business.


Guests of the S4X party were treated to great music, delicious food, and - best of all - intense rounds of Mariokart.

mariokart-team  mariokart-Andreas

The menu was prepared by Cafe Nola at MOCA and  included Nintendo-themed treats, like Deviled Yoshi Eggs, Golden Mushroom Tarts, and Pecan-Crusted Chocolate Bob-ombs.

 party-food  party-food-vegetables

The photo booth was a hit, with guests having a great time using the props to take on a new identity for the night. 

photobooth-pink-hair  stephanie-laughing  s4-team

photobooth-guests  photobooth-large-group

Chris Olberding and Chris Lahey took a few moments out of the night to toast family and friends for the tremendous support given over the years. They also expressed appreciation for the strong partnerships with both clients and the community. Lahey also mentioned that "10 years into this company, and the team we have right now is made up of some of the most creative, smart, and dedicated people we've ever had." (Editor's note: We wanted to make sure we got that in writing.)


The S4 team would like to thank everyone who came out and helped us make the night a success. Special thanks are owed to Sabreena Katz for her gorgeous designs that married Art Deco elegance with Sci-Fi cool, and to Britta Williams for organizing a wonderful event from start to finish (including acting as photographer) that was enjoyed by all. 

centerpiece  fountain  britta-aimee

 crowd  s4-team  steph-smile


Aimee Payne Aimee Payne

Aimee Payne is S4’s Marketing Manager and official wordsmith. With a background in copywriting and market research, she’s fanatical about clear communication that is targeted toward the audience’s needs. When she’s not writing for our clients, she’s at home writing novels between watching true crime documentaries.