The S4 team headed across the river to San Marco yesterday to tour Jacksonville’s newly finished cancer treatment center.


S4 has partnered with Baptist Health on a wide variety of digital marketing projects, including current work on a web presence for the Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center in Jacksonville. After following the progress of the construction project and seeing detailed renderings of the interiors, we were eager to see the finished building.



As soon as we stepped inside, it was clear the Baptist MD Anderson team had been committed from the very beginning to creating a therapeutic atmosphere with the patient’s experience in mind. The connection between art, the community, and the healing process was emphasized by featuring the work of local artists, most of whom had been touched by cancer in some way. This gave the impression that patients not only have the support of their families and care teams, but also that of their community.



We enjoyed our tour of the cancer center, but even more, everyone at S4 is proud to be a small part of the important work being done at Baptist MD Anderson.



Aimee Payne Aimee Payne

Aimee Payne is S4’s Marketing Manager and official wordsmith. With a background in copywriting and market research, she’s fanatical about clear communication that is targeted toward the audience’s needs. When she’s not writing for our clients, she’s at home writing novels between watching true crime documentaries.