Arbus Magazine, Jacksonville's primary Arts and Business publication, just released its second annual MarCom issue.

The publication features local marketing leaders, and Station Four CEO Chris Olberding participated by offering thoughts about industry trends.

Chris' response about marketing trends focused on the increased availability of behavioral data. For Station Four, using behavioral data and user intent signals enables our team to understand more accurately what consumers are looking for online, their habits and preferences. And this deep intel allows us to more efficiently and accurately reach consumers with actionable content.

This means that smart companies now have the ability to offer consumers the products and services they want, in the right place at the right time. This represents a massive shift from passive traditional advertising, like outdoor ads waiting to be seen by the right people, with no immediate action available. The confluence of user data, smart content and clear pathways to conversion enables users to access products and services that they want and need with ease.

As Chris' response states:

One exciting trend is the ability to use behavioral data and user intent signals to understand exactly where a potential customer is in the sales cycle, combine this with insights about her habits and preferences, and deliver a tailored experience to her based on that opportunity moment. Now we can deliver more compelling and actionable content to help customers access products and services they want, driving business for clients. Reaching each customer in a customized way based on their stage of engagement is a true breakthrough.

While managing the user journey, of course it's critical to always offer content of value in order to maintain trust. A user's interaction with a brand includes online conversations with multiple entities (friends, reviewers, publications) that each weigh in and impact a brand's reputation. Consumers trust peers more than they trust brands, and this is more true than ever in the digital age. Trust is the basis of doing business - and marketers are there to help brands enter into a trust-based dialog with consumers. One misstep, or one online consumer exchange that isn't managed well, can erode that trust quicker than ever before.

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