The Safariland website featuring the holster finder application received a notable mention in an early spring issue of Shooting Sports USA, a competitive shooting journal, as website of the month. The journal applauded the feature as easy to use and quick to provide results.

Safariland and Station Four have established a productive relationship over several different projects. This project in particular, completed back in December of 2011, streamlined the incredible variety of firearm products and options available from the company into a simple and efficient search application. It has been a stand-out website in the industry that continues to receive accolades months after its launch.

Safariland Holster FinderSafariland has been a leader in state-of-the-art products for law enforcement, competitive shooting and military industries for nearly five decades. To explore the development process behind the holster finder application, as well as other collaborative Safariland projects, visit our portfolio page, and check out the application at

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