Station Four's redesign of the Peterbrooke website has been featured in issue 202 of Web Designer Magazine. The four-page spread on the Peterbrooke website is the focus of the Design Diary section, which follows the planning and development cycle of this particular e-commerce website redesign project.

S4’s Mac Grossman and Chris Olberding discuss the ins and outs of the Peterbrooke project from inception to launch, accompanied by several screenshots and sketches that help to tell the story of this venture.

The project was a welcomed undertaking for the Station Four team, transforming the previously disorganized, inconsistently branded Peterbrooke website into one that would help strengthen brand recognition, positive user experience and online sales. A website project with such hefty goals is bound to hit a few snags, which Grossman and Olberding explain in the article, but also more importantly how they were able to work through those to create a successful yet aesthetically pleasing e-commerce website.

The article also dives into design and build specifics, highlighting various project statistics throughout the spread like total amount of man hours and weeks taken to complete the work. The article provides a detailed snapshot of a project that took advantage of on-point strategic planning and inspired creative solutions from the Station Four team.

Web Designer Magazine is published in the UK and distributed in a variety of international editions around the world and has a reach of close to 100,000 design professionals and students. Issue 202 of Web Designer Magazine will hit the newsstand in November.

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