2011 has come to an end but Station Four wishes to share with you some of our achievements of the past year as well as our vision for 2012.

Safariland, for example, is a division of BAE Systems that manufactures and distributes law enforcement and military supplies. Safariland contacted Station Four to create a tool that would ease the process for consumers looking to find a holster for their weapon. As a result we created the Holster Finder. A custom web based application that searches thousands of options to provide information and images matching the weapon entered. Safariland customers can now confidently locate and purchase the holster of their choice without having to call customer service. www.safariland.com

LPS Intranet

Last year we also created an employee intranet for Lender Processing Services. LPS is a Fortune 1000 financial reporting service for everyday consumers, government agencies, and serious investors. They asked Station Four to overhaul a much used database and incorporate their new design and growing document storage needs while accommodating the Microsoft SharePoint functionality already in place. Take a look at the screen shots below for examples of the design and a look at the expanded resource that LPS employees now utilize on a daily basis.

Employee Intranet Design

Zoom In View

Coastal Industries Website Re-design

Coastal Industries is a manufacturer and distributor of high-end bath and shower enclosures. They came to us looking for a re-design of the site as well as an online ordering portal. Station Four utilized Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for the database, an application layer to house the changing data, and a clean straightforward User Interface that fit well with the Coastal brand. By automating the custom enclosure process Coastal is now able to accept orders online and allocate resources in a more economical way. The screen shots below show the design and function that was developed by the Station Four team.

Website Design Compositions

Application Design Compositions

Mobile Application

Mobile applications are becoming more and more popular as the smartphones take over portable communication. At the end of 2011 MTech sought out Station Four to create their own mobile app. MTech Systems is a developer of poultry and swine data management solutions. They came to us looking for a mobile application for use by growers in the field. They wanted their customers to be able to remotely access reports and data in real time whenever necessary. By utilizing jQuery Mobile framework for the front end we were able to style the application according to the MTech design already in place. MTech plans to take this app to a trade show in January for its unveiling.

... And Beyond

For the coming year Station Four has plans to push the envelope and see how much we can grow. While continuing to provide our renowned core services, resources will be allocated to develop some internal projects.

The team members have been brainstorming for years on various solutions and tools to assist a variety of businesses. 2012 feels like the appropriate time to focus on these ideas and we are in good position to effectively manage our client work while developing new projects.

In 2012 you should expect to see more cross platform applications, new software, fresh mobile apps, and an increase in Station Four presence within the design community. By staying on top of new technology and having a hand in creating it we hope to become the leading digital agency for all clients.

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