At Station Four, we recently launched a website for Jacksonville's Downtown Art Walk.

The website employs a variety of digital and traditional illustration techniques. In the course of that project, we researched the variety of ways in which designers incorporate illustration in their websites. In this post, we list out 20 great examples of website designs that incorporate all kinds of illustration styles and techniques.

Atmospheric Vector Illustrations

The background's main purpose is to visually reinforce the content of the site by giving it a place to “live”, so a creative, illustrative background can help the site's story. Flat-colored, vector-styled images can encompass a wide variety of styles. The flatness of the colors makes for a highly stylized and crisp type of illustration that seems to be fairly common across web designs.

Code Slingers

The Neighbourhood

Atmospheric Painterly Illustrations

Arguably less common is the more painterly types of illustrations. Hand-rendered drawings are very organic by nature which makes for a very unique appearance when juxtaposed with the high structure of typefaces and web grids. These types of images can be significantly looser than rigid vector art, which makes them a great tool to “soften” the atmosphere of a page.

Eco Lecom

Kutztown University

Petit Praline

Homepage Illustrations

Homepages often feature large images to visually entice a visitor to stay on a page. While photography is a common image type for these types of homepage approaches, an illustration can add a unique flavor to a page.

Drupalcamp Atlanta

Netlife Research

NTT Security

War Child

Primary Focus Illustrations

Illustrations are almost always a great way to demonstrate complex ideas. Due to the fact that every illustration must be custom-made by a person, the uses for them are limitless; illustrations can tell a story, elaborate a diagram, display a product, or do anything you want it to do!

Code School


Nike Air Jordan 2012

WWF Earth Hour 2012

Textual Illustrations

Text is a complicated subject, in regards to the web. There are a lot of rules and complications that can pop up when selecting a typeface, and the work towards font integration is ever improving. Image-based text is a way to sidestep that trouble. Not only does illustrated text contribute to your site's theme, but the fact that it is comprised of letters means that visitors will read and interact with it, tying them even tighter with the website.

Head 2 Heart

Meaning Conference 2012

All Around Illustrations

Illustrations can be used in any or all ways desired; an entire page can be almost entirely illustrated, if that is the intended direction. Using tremendous amounts of illustration in a website not only serves as a great tool for unity, but also makes for a bold statement that is almost guaranteed to set a site apart from others.

London Bio Packing

Front End 2011

In Motion Mobile Massage


Jesus Rodriguez Velasco

Sabreena Katz Sabreena Katz

Our very own designing dynamo, Sabreena Katz is a double threat. Not only is she S4’s Senior Designer, but she also steps in when we need an experienced front-end developer with a little extra artistic flair. When she’s not making our clients’ digital platforms look their very best, she’s dealing out humiliation Nintendo-style with a cat snuggled on each hip.